Episode 25: Turning a Fossil Fuel World Into a Silicon World with Abe Cambridge

My guest today is Sun Exchange Founder and CEO, Abe Cambridge. Sun Exchange identifies schools, businesses, and organizations that want to go solar and allows platform users to earn Bitcoin from leasing this solar power. 

We cover:

  • Abe’s background in climate science and his interest in Bitcoin
  • Why Abe started Sun Exchange 
  • The Nhimbe Fresh solar project
  • Silicon & Solar + Silicon & Bitcoin
  • The problems faced by the energy infrastructure in Africa
  • What is needed for a global energy transition




Episode 24: Bitcoin in Africa and Doing More Than Hodl’ing with Anita Posch

My guest today is Anita Posch. Anita is a Bitcoin advocate, educator, podcaster, author, and the founder of Bitcoin for Fairness. Bitcoin for Fairness is a non-profit initiative raising knowledge and understanding of Bitcoin for people in emerging countries and for disadvantaged people.

We cover:

  • Her current travels in Africa; Bitcoin in Africa.
  • What property of Bitcoin resonates the most with people she has met?
  • Why is Anita doing this work?
  • Is it important to do more than hodl?
  • Miss Aura’s Bitcoin experience





Episode 23: Reviving Century-Old Renewable Technology and Bitcoin Mining with Nathaniel Harmon

Today’s guest is Nathaniel Harmon. Nathaniel received an M.S. in Marine Geology and Geochemistry from the University of Hawai‘i Manoa. Having been involved with Bitcoin since 2013 he has incredible insights into what Bitcoin means for progressive values. He also is pioneering the use of Bitcoin mining and OTEC technology with his new venture OceanBit.

We cover:

  • Nathaniel’s Bitcoin journey
  • The history of the Mora et al paper and what it got wrong
  • What do environmentalists miss regarding Bitcoin?
  • Hal Finney’s CO2 tweet
  • OTEC + BTC mining
  • Manganese nodules!
  • His progressive case for Bitcoin





Episode 22: Misinformation and How to Frame Bitcoin with Matthew Facciani

My guest today is Dr. Matthew Facciani, who is an expert in misinformation. He is a postdoctoral researcher at Vanderbilt University in the Medicine, Health, and Society department. His forthcoming book, Misguided: Where Misinformation starts, how it spreads, and what to do about it, will be published in 2022.

We cover:

  • What is misinformation and how does it differ from disinformation?
  • Demographics susceptible to misinformation
  • How to counteract misinformation 
  • How to frame Bitcoin for progressives




Episode 21: Flipping the Switch on Renewables and Bitcoin Mining with Ali Chehrehsaz and Nima Tabatabai

My guests today are solar energy experts Ali Chehrehsaz and Nima Tabatabai of Optimize Infrastructure.

We cover:

  • Why can’t we just switch to RE tomorrow?
  • Solar value deflation and curtailment
  • Why is Bitcoin a unique solution to the problems of solar energy?
  • Do we still need BTC mining if we have batteries?
  • Overbuilding and capital incentives
  • A call to action





Episode 20: Human Rights and the Progressive Case for Bitcoin with Alex Gladstein

My guest today is Alex Gladstein. Alex is the Chief Strategy Officer at the Human Rights Foundation and has served as the Vice President of Strategy for the Oslo Freedom Forum. Since 2018 Alex has served as the key voice for the intersection between Bitcoin and human rights.

We cover:

  • Why Alex was drawn to working in human rights
  • The mission of the Human Rights Foundation
  • Why he was initially skeptical of Bitcoin
  • Bitcoin’s governance as a foundational layer to build on
  • Can Bitcoin democratize the financing of humanitarian aid?
  • Pitching Bitcoin to liberal voters
  • The domestic case for Bitcoin
  • What keeps Alex motivated and who are his role models



Alex Gladstein


Episode 19: Bringing Bitcoin to the US Senate with Bryan Solstin

My guest today is Bryan Solstin, a software developer and aerospace propulsion engineer who is running for US Senate for the state of Washington. He is running primarily on a platform supporting Bitcoin and STEM.

We cover:

  • His journey away from hierarchical religion 
  • How two books influenced Bryan to pursue meditation and ultimately Bitcoin
  • Complexity and the political process
  • How to build consensus
  • How he defines being a “social liberal”
  • US Debt, housing prices, and homelessness
  • Bitcoin is the real ESG
  • UBI over the Lightning Network





Episode 18: The Ethical Case for Bitcoin with Pete Rizzo

My guest today is prominent Bitcoin journalist, Pete Rizzo. We focus on his Forbes article from 2021 that makes the ethical case for Bitcoin compared to other cryptocurrencies. 

We cover:

  • Why Pete has focused his career on Bitcoin
  • Comparing his experience with reporting on Bitcoin versus other journalists 
  • What rights does Bitcoin grants its users?
  • Alternatives to Bitcoin recreating the current system of financialization
  • Why should the Left care about Bitcoin?




Bitcoin and the American Dream



Episode 17: Inclusion and Bitcoin Adoption with Mandy Campbell and Sarah Satoshi

Today’s episode is with guests Mandy Campbell and Sarah Satoshi. Through OkCoin and Ladies in Bitcoin, respectively, they are focused on fostering inclusion in Bitcoin adoption. 

We cover:

  • Their paths into Bitcoin
  • Ladies in Bitcoin
  • OkCoin’s “Crypto for All”
  • Why women should learn more about Bitcoin.
  • How does Bitcoin empower women toward financial independence?
  • Role models







Episode 16: Bitcoin and US National Security with Matthew Pines

Today’s guest is US National Security expert and Bitcoin Policy Institute Fellow, Matthew Pines. 

We cover:

  • What is the Bitcoin Policy Institute?
  • Why is Matthew focused on Bitcoin?
  • Can Bitcoin support US economic growth and energy innovation?
  • Stability of USD reserve status
  • Freezing gold versus Bitcoin transactions
  • Why is Bitcoin better for the US than gold or a bancor?
  • How effective are sanctions and would any efficacy be compromised by Bitcoin?
  • What kind of conflict would Bitcoin reduce versus possibly augment?
  • Did we just witness Bitcoin democratize the financing of war?
  • Bitcoin and US energy independence